Today you gained a new and happy customer! Cannot thank you enough, Jarred and Vision Blinds! It truly feels as if we just moved into a brand new house. Our windows, screens and blinds are now spotless. We can highly recommend this professional, friendly plus quality- and price-competitive company. Greetings from Elsa and Francis from Bend British.

Elsa and Francis Hansen

Owner , Bend British

I have a modern home with lots of odd shaped windows. VBC took my damaged and dirty shades and made them look brand new. Very professional, use this service with confidence.

John Edwards

Very affordable and exceptional job! Jarred had our blinds cleaned and back in a day! Can’t beat that!

Natasha Marie

The Spring 2017 Season is upon us!

Oh man, what a winter for Central Oregon! I tried to hang in there, guys. I really did. We went out numerous times to homes in the freezing cold and completely iced over a window or 2 with our scrubbers until we knew that alcohol had to be involved. The rubbing kind,...

An Average On-Site Job

I get a lot of questions asking what our on-site services entail. Here is more information on what to expect the day we come to your house to perform our blind cleaning and window cleaning services.  Every year, over 300 customers in Central Oregon have taken...