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Blind Repairs for:

  • Bend
  • Redmond
  • Sunriver
  • Sisters
  • Black Butte Ranch

Blind Repair

We not only clean blinds and shades – we restring them, too.

Window coverings can be very expensive to replace. Depending on the size of the shade, you can be looking at 10 times the amount to purchase a new blind instead of restringing. Our blind repair services will get yours working great again!

Is one side of your blind/shade crooked with little response to pulling the cord?

  • Does your blind or shade not lock in place?
  • Is your cord frayed?
  • Does your shade go up and down uneven?

Price Guide: Bend and Redmond

Blind Restringing/cord replacement:

$40 per blind on site + $5 for every string after 2 strings


*$20 trip charge for all onsite repair services.

*For services outside of Bend and Redmond, we require a $100 minimum. Choose blind cleaning or window cleaning to meet our minimum or have 2 or more shades restrung in the same visit.

For all other repairs or part replacements, please reference

A Few Brands We Service: 

Hunter Douglas



Del Mar

And Much More…


**We do not service cordless shades or blinds as well as RV day/night shades.

While we’re there…here are some other services you may be interested in:

Blind Cleaning

As long as we’re fixing your blinds, why not have us clean them too? We offer amazing blind cleaning using our ultrasonic blind cleaner.

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Window Cleaning

We can also clean your windows at the same time.  We clean the insides and outsides of the windows and can clean the sills and tracks as well.

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