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Blind Cleaning

Professional cleaning for all styles of window coverings

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning is the only way to clean your dirty blinds or shades and obtain perfect results. Ultrasonic Cleaning does its work on a microscopic level, allowing sound waves to create millions of tiny bubbles combined with soapy, warm water to break down the dirt and grime on your window coverings. After your blinds or shades are washed, we then set them in our rinse tank with a solution that prevents water spotting and lessens future static attraction to dust. Did you know that fabric shades act as dirt and dust filters in your home? Even if they look clean, they can actually be dirtier than the most soiled looking metal mini blind. Not only are the blind slats or shade cells left looking great, but the gears and cords are cleaned as well.

Blinds are just as important to clean as carpets, windows and ducts. Now there is finally an easy way! 

Our Process and Your Options…

Mobile On-Site blind and shade cleaning: $18 per shade. Wood blinds $20-22

How it works.

1. Our technician(s) arrive at your home or business with our on-site truck, meet with you to understand the services we will be providing and connect to your electrical outlet (we bring the water with us).

2. We then safely remove your window coverings from the brackets, number them to the corresponding window and give them a thorough cleaning with ultrasonic submersion in our mobile unit. Our state of the art, 9-foot ultrasonic tank thoroughly cleans the fabric/slats, cords, tassels and headrails in minutes!

3. After the blinds and shades drip dry for 15-30 minutes, we re-install them and let them hang to fully air dry in your window.


Add our window cleaning services in the same visit and receive the most thorough window cleaning you’ve ever had. When the blinds are down, we clean the entire window!

In order to perform on-site services, we need:

  • Space to allow for a 20 foot box truck (street, driveway, etc.) on your property.
  • Electrical outlet.

*Minimum of 10 blinds or shades required for on-site services or a minimum of $180.    Head to the ‘Get a Quote’ page for your FREE online estimate or call 541.598.6546. 


Pleated Shades

Faux Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds require extra care and need to be hand polished. Due to their porous nature, we cannot clean them Ultrasonically. Please inquire for pricing.

Sheer Shades

Vertical Blinds

Mini Blinds

While we’re there…here are some other services you may be interested in:

Blind Repair

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Window Cleaning

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