I get a lot of questions asking what our on-site services entail. Here is more information on what to expect the day we come to your house to perform our blind cleaning and window cleaning services. 

Every year, over 300 customers in Central Oregon have taken advantage of our blind and window cleaning services. When we arrive to your door, you are warmly greeted by experienced and knowledgeable blind and window cleaning technicians who are ready to serve you!

After we park our on-site trailer on the premises and perform a walk through of the residence to assess the blinds and windows, we connect to a standard outlet to power our ultrasonic machine. We always bring warm water to our job sites, which means no hoses running through your home!

While our blind cleaning tech sets up the machine, our window cleaner (myself) gently takes down the window coverings, lays them on the floor and cleans the interior glass, the screens, tracks and sills. We repeat this process throughout the house while our blind cleaner gathers up the window coverings to take to the trailer for their thorough cleaning. Each blind or shade takes approximately 3 minutes to clean in our eco-friendly ultrasonic wash and is set in our rinse bath with de-ionized water (no water spots!). The blinds are then left to drip into a container and the process is repeated until they have all dripped dry. As the window cleaning progresses to the outside, our blind tech begins to rehang the shades back on the windows, fully extended to the sill so it can continue to dry. At this point, our blind cleaning tech begins to pack up the trailer and I will personally hand you the invoice and receive payment. If there are any issues with the windows or shades, we will tell you and help find the best solution. If there happens to be a broken string, we would gladly re-string your shade or blind in that very same visit.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning and window cleaning create the best compliment to your annual cleaning projects. We love the fact that we can leave you with clean blinds AND clean windows. We are the only business in Central Oregon that offer this combination and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results!